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Grade 12 Biology

Page history last edited by Leah Budzinski 2 years, 3 months ago
Assignment  Link 
Course outline  Biology 40S course outline.docx  
Lesson 1 PP  11- Basic Genetics Notes.ppt  
Lesson 1 student notes  The Basics of Genetics.docx  
Making babies review project  Making Babies Genetic Review Project.docx  
Genetic Practice Problems 1  Genetic Practice Problems1.docx  
Lesson 2 student notes  incomplete-codominace student notes.docx  
Genetics Problems 2  Genetics Problems 2.docx  
Lesson 3 Student notes lethal and polygenic student notes.docx
Genetics problems 3 Genetics Problems 3.docx
Lesson 4 student notes epistasis and sex-linked student notes.docx
Genetic problems 4 Genetic Practice Problems 4.docx
Drosophila lab outline Virtual Drosophila Lab Outline.docx
Drosophila lab directions AMDrosophila.docx
Pedigree practice problems PedigreePracticeProblems1.docx
Genetics ethics PP personal genetics ethics.ppt
Meiosis PP Meiosis and sexual reproduction.pptx
Meiosis student notes Mitosis meiosis student notes.docx
Non disjunction PP Nondisjunction disorders.pptx
Non disjunction student notes non disjunction student notes.docx



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