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Electricity Assignments

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Assignment  Link 
Electricity Student Notes Electricity Student Notes.docx
Electricity Unit Outline Electricity Unit Outline.docx
1 - History of Electricity PP  Lesson 1 history of electricity.pptx  
2- Static Electricity PP  Lesson 2 static electricity.ppt  
Insulators and Conductors Worksheet  Insulators and Conductors WS.doc  
3 - Charging by Friction PP Lesson 3 charging by friction.ppt  
4 - Charging by Conduction  PP lesson 4 charging by conduction.ppt  
5- Charging by Induction PP Lesson 5 charging by induction.ppt  
Pop can race activity  Pop Can Race.docx  
6 - Current PP Lesson 6 current.ppt
Current Word Problems Current Word Problems.docx
7 - Electrical Potential PP Lesson 7 Electrical Potential Energy.pptx
Electrical Potential Word Problems Measuring Electrical Potential WS.docx
8 - Electrical Resistance PP Lesson 8 electrical resistance.PPT
Resistance Word Problems Resistance and Ohms WS.docx
Extra Electricity Practice  extra electricity practice problems.docx
9 - Circuits PP Lesson 9 Electric Circuits.pptx
Series and Parallel Circuit Exploration Series and Parallel Circuit Exploration.docx
Circuit Lab Circuit Lab.docx
10 - Electrical Power PP Lesson 9 Electrical Power.pptx
Energy Costs PP Energy Costs.pptx
Energy Consumption Word Problems Energy Consumption Word Problems.docx
Calculating Electrical Costs Worksheet Calculaitng electrical cost for appliances.docx
Electrical Safety Poster Project Electrical Safety Poster Project.doc




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