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Chemistry in Action

Page history last edited by Leah Budzinski 5 years, 6 months ago
Assignment  Link  Due Date 
Periodic Table review PowerPoint  Periodic Table notes.pptx   N/A 
Lesson 1 PowerPoint: Valance Electrons  Valence Electrons.pptx   N/A 
Valence Electron Notes  Valence Electrons.doc   N/A 
Keeping an ION that Electron Assignment  Keeping an ION that Electron ass. .docx   Jan 11th, 2016 
Forming Compounds PP  Forming Compounds.pptx   NA 
Forming Ionic compounds practice assignment  5 - Forming Ionic Compounds Practice.docx    
Chemical Names  Chemical Names.pptx   NA 
Chemical Formulas Chemical Formulas.pptx NA
Molecules or ions lab 7 - Molecules or Ions Lab.doc Feb. 29th
Balancing Chemical Equations PP Counting and Balancing Equations PP.pptx  
Chemical equation notes 14 - Chemical Equations Notes.doc  
Chemical equation assignment 15 - Chemical Equations Worksheet.doc  
Names and Formulas for Transition metals Writing Names and Formulas for Transition Metals.pptx NA
5 types of chemical reaction PP 5 Types of Chemical Reactions.ppt NA
Types of chemical reaction student notes The 5 Types of Chemical Reactions student notes.docx NA
Types of chemical reaction information Types of Chemical Reactions Worksheet.doc  
classification of chemical reaction assignment Classification of Chemical Reactions Worksheet.doc March 22nd
Acids and Bases PP 20 - Acids and Bases.ppt NA
Acids and Bases student notes 20 - Acids and Bases Notes.docx NA
Acids and bases lab 21 - Acids and Bases Lab.docx Due April 25



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