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Dynamics of Ecosystems

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Assignments  Link  Due Date 
Lesson 1 power point 0 - Introduction and Food Chains.pptx NA
Matching feeder terms  Matching Feeder Terms.pdf   Sept 23rd 
Interaction Pyramids  Interaction pyramids.pdf   Sept 23rd 
Getting to the top  Getting to the top.pdf   Sept  17th
Ecology terms  Ecology terms.pdf   Sept 17th 
Quiz that was done  1 - Food Web Mini Quiz.docx   Sept 17th 
Lesson 2 power point carbon cycle  The Carbon Cycle.pptx   NA 
Lesson 2 carbon cycle notes  The Carbon Cycle notes.docx   NA 
Where did the carbon go? Where did the carbon go.docx Oct 14th
Matching nutrient terms  matching nutrient terms.pdf   Oct  19th
Human impact on the nitrogen cycle Effects on Nitrogen Cycle.doc Oct 17th
Bioaccumulation Powerpoint 11_06_Biological Magnification.ppt NA
Population terms population terms.pdf Oct 26th
Limiting Factors 2 - Limiting factors.pdf Oct 26th
Carrying capacity notes Limiting Factors & Carrying Capacity Notes.docx NA
Carrying capacity powerpoint Limiting Factors & Carrying Capacity Powerpoint.ppt NA
Animal Crackers animal crackers.pdf Oct 30th
Predator Prey Interactions 7 - Predator-Prey Interactions (student).pdf Nov 3rd
Graphs and histographs powerpoint graphs and histograms.pptx NA
Invasive species assignment  Invasive species assignment.pdf   Nov 26th 



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