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Wellness and Homeostasis

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Assignments/ Power Points  Links  Due Dates 
Lab Manual Labmanualfortheprinter.doc NA
Intro To Biology  0 - Introduction to Biology.pptx   NA 
Wellness Introduction  1 Wellness introduction.pptx   NA 
Maintaining Homeostasis  5 Maintaining_Homeostasis.ppt   NA 
Negative Feedback Template  7 Negativefeedbacktemplate.ppt   NA 
Microscope Diagram  1 microscope diagram.ppt   NA 
Proper Biological Drawings 2 Biologicaldrawings.ppt   NA
Cell Processes 1 cellprocesseshomeostasis.ppt   NA 
Diffusion and Osmosis 1 transport diffusion osmosis.ppt NA
Transportation Flow Chart transport flow chart.doc Feb 29th
Plasma Membrane  13 THE_PLASMA_MEMBRANEworksheet.doc Feb 22nd
Cell Structure Review 1 cell structures review.doc Feb 22nd
Chemical Energy 2 Chemical Energy.ppt NA



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