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Digestion and Nutrition

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Assignment  Link  Due Date 
Test bonus mark document 1 Unit_2vocabulary.doc   NA 
Introduction to Biochemistry  1. Biochemistry.ppt   NA 
Carbohydrates ppt  2. carbohydrates.ppt   NA 
Biochemistry outline  Biochemistry outline.doc   NA 
Bonus information  Biochemistry Notes.doc   NA 
Carbohydrate structure Lab  3 lab7carbstructure.doc   March 2nd 
Organic molecule diagrams  Type of Organics.docx   NA 
Protein structure lab 4 lab8proteinstructure.doc March 10th
amino acid list aminoacidlist.doc NA
carbohydrate vs. protein chart Carbohydrate vs protien chart.docx March 9th
Protein ppt PROTEINS.ppt NA
Testing for Protein lab 6 lab12testingforprotein.doc March 16th
Testing for Carbs lab 5 lab11testingforcarbohydrates.doc March 11th
Lipids ppt 3. lipids.ppt NA
Lipid concept map lipidconceptmap.doc  
Enzyme pptt 15. What do Enzymes do.ppt NA
Enzyme function lab 9 lab9enzymefunction.doc  
Mechanical Digestion intro to mechanical digestion.ppt  
digestion concept map 8 Alimentary_CanaConceptmapl.doc  
Chemical Digestion  intro to chemical digestion.ppt    
Three Accessory Organs  Three Accessory Organs.ppt    
Diabetes PP Diabetes high school.ppt   NA 
Digestive disorders project Digestion Disorders Project.doc Monday, April 25th
Blood glucose regulation PP blood glucose regulation.ppt NA
Nutrition labels nutrition labels.pptx NA



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